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6ix9ine “Gooba” first release after being sent home from prison

6ix9ine comes with Gooba a song he released after being sent home where he is to complete his terms in prison.

6ix9ine had faced as much as 37 years by cooperating with prosecutors against his former gang mates in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. The rapper was later sentenced to two years in Prison but released early after his lawyer argued that the rapper’s asthma made him vulnerable to coronavirus while in prison.

The rapper on his song release went on to rant on Instagram spitting fire with some lines as seen below:

“We can’t beef; there’s no beef — I’m the king, y’all know this,” he said, addressing his competition.

“You know why people so mad?” he added. “Because they thought it was over for me. They counted me out. ‘Oh, you ratted, it’s over for you.’ Y’all could never cooperate with the government and come back. Y’all could never do that. I’m a living legend at the age of 24.”

NYTIMES reported that Late last year, shortly before 6ix9ine was sentenced, he signed a new recording deal worth a reported $10 million. His lawyer said he had no intention of entering witness protection.

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