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ALBUM: DRAM – What Had Happened Was…

comes out with a ew body of work titled What had happened Was… and its forever one of the best from the artist.

The ALBUM by DRAM titled What Had Happened Was… is captivatingly impressive. Check the album tracklist below and share your thought with us.

DRAM What Had Happened Was… Album Tracklist

  1. Vibe of the Year
  2. Ride Or Die
  3. WHAM
  4. 3’s Company
  5. Let Me See Your Phone
  6. Where’s My Sunshine?
  7. Best That I Got
  8. Can’t Hold You Down
  9. Bad News
  10. Angry
  11. A Mother’s Love
  12. Note To Self
  13. Soul To Take
  14. Big Baby DRAM
  15. PPL w/ BJ the Chicago Kid
  16. Reflections
  17. First Time Again
  18. WWYD? Part 2
  19. WHAM (Live)

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