(Album) Rudeboy – Rudykillus

(Album) Rudeboy – Rudykillus

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Rudeboy – Rudykillus: Rudeboy has officially dropped the long awaited album titled Rudykillus Album zip.

We have so much waited for this album Rudeboy – Rudykillus . so excited as its finally dropped. This is the second studio album from Rudeboy ever since they split in PSQUARE. Rudeboy – Rudykillus has been in anticipation for some time now.

In the album Rudeboy – Rudykillus, we saw no collaboration meaning Kingrudy is ready for the back. Receiving hits back to back is what we know about Rudeboy and this new relese titled Rudeboy – Rudykillus  is one of the examplification of fire department.

We have captured below songs on the album. The songs includes hot tracks like Nowhere to go, Ayoyo, Focus, Ego Nekwu,, Fall in love, Brokeland, Something must kill a man, Ihe neme, Catch your fever, 4days, Hey mama, No gimmie space.

Rudeboy – Rudykillus is the album of the year and this is going to receive massive streams from digital audio stores across the world. We so much love the songs in rudeboy new album and the title which is Rudeboy – Rudykillus is one other thing that makes us love the new album collection zipped more. Below we will dissect the album Rudeboy – Rudykillus thus bringing out the beauty.

Rudeboy – Rudykillus album tracklist

1. Rudeboy – Nowhere to go

Rudeboy Nowhere to go is the number one track on the newly released album. Just like you heard it, the song speaks for itself. We have played a little bit of the snippet and it makes sense and something that you will love to listen to. You can download the track Nowhere here DOWNLOAD MP3

2. Rudeboy – Ayoyo

Rudeboy Ayoyo is another great song from this album collection. It appears as if we love it more than every other tracks on the album. You can download the track Ayoyo here DOWNLOAD MP3.

3. Rudeboy – Focus

Rudeboy preaches focus on this track and its impressive. We applaude the album and this son titled focus is one of the reasons. You can as well download the track FOCUS here DOWNLOAD MP3.

4. Rudeboy – Ego nekwu

Ego Nekwu means Money talks. which means one with money can do whatever that comes up. Ego Nekwu is an Igbo word. On this we see Rudeboy laying this fact that we already know. Money stops all nonsense and that is what this track is all about. You can get the track here DOWNLOAD MP3

5. Rudeboy – Fall In Love

Kingrudy is in love again. We are yet to understand why. Let that be in love with the wife and money of his children else we the fans dont seem to get. You can check this track here DOWNLOAD MP3

6. Rudeboy – Brokeland

The clear understanding here speaks the same line like Reason with me. On this track we see a broke guy. Someone who cannot afford what he wants. Rudeboy placed this just the way you saw in reason with me and if you enjoyed Reason with me trust me you will enjoy this one too. You can as well download and give us the feedback here DOWNLOAD MP3.

7. Rudeboy – Something must kill a man

Something must kill a man is a track from the album and it made number 7. We are in love with this track although its one song that will be controversial. You can download it now DOWNLOAD MP3

8. Rudeboy – Ihe neme || DOWNLOAD MP3

9. Rudeboy – Catch your fever || DOWNLOAD MP3

10. Rudeboy – 4days || DOWNLOAD MP3

11. Rudeboy – Hey mama

Hey mama is the eleventh track and we love it. We see something of a letter lyrically embedded in the song and you can get it right now DOWNLOAD MP3

12. Rudeboy – No gimmie space

You remember Gimmie that? Rudeboy has brought that track from their old album back. Check it here DOWNLOAD MP3


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