[Album] Omah Lay Full Album Ep

[Album] Omah Lay Full Album Ep

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Omah Lay Full Album officially released EP

Omah Lay Get Layd EP is out on different platform today. Its impressive how fast Omah Lay album is waggling through the airwaves worldwide. Today Omah Lay made headlines on CNN and Apple with the release of Get Layd EP album music as one of the top sorted songs from Nigerian act currently rocking radio and tv stations.

Omah Lay really worked so hard and this album is hot fire. Its fully loaded with hit tracks on the EP Album. I have gone through Omah Lay full album and meehnn this guy is pulling through with another phase of opportunities that hallmarks for brighter future of Nigerian music. He extends his craft beyond; peddling on lyrical constructiveness to mark a reparative lead for noise-maker musicians to shut up and listen to a great piece.

Here are some facts about Omah Lay full album that grabbed my attention.

I am a real fan of good music and I am a musician myself and this attest to my curiosity about how Omah Lay managed to churn out hits like these on a single EP Album. I have not been putting effort on speaking about album like this but here are facts I have gathered concerning Omah Lay Album release 2020.

Rave of the moment Omah Lay finally releases the most anticipated EP of the year titled Get Layd

With Get Layd Omah Lay hits SPotlight making one big move from Nigeria to the world. It crosses rare zone and landed in the web of CNN wherein its rated with a big treat the sings a bendable paradigmatic shift from what is used to be in Nigeria music to the new phase of opportunities staring before seizure upon every artist. You aren’t expecting this type of hardwork to lie in a cuboard….infact it too destructive to be layd there.

Remember we did throw a post about Omah Lays biography although we titled it Omah Lays timeline? You can check for Omah Lay Biography on the said post here on daily4mative.

Omah Lay album track list

Omah released a 5-tracklist solo EP titled ‘Get Layd’. The amazing body of work houses songs like Damn, Ye Ye Ye , You, Bad Influence and Lo Lo. Below we have included all the music from Omah Lay and it holds everything you will like to listen to concerning Oomah Lay. Get your earpiece now lets enjoy some good tunes once in Nigeria. Lolz!!!

Download Omah Lay Full Album one after the other below. Its mp3 file

1. Damn | DOWNLOAD MP3



4. Bad Influence | DOWNLOAD MP3

5. Ye Ye Ye | DOWNLOAD MP3

Watch the released video of Omah Lay from his album

Download Omah Lay Full Album zip

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