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Lucozade Theme Song 2020

Lucozade Theme Song – download

Who sang the lucozade theme song? Here is the mp3 version of the theme song. This is really cool music and I wish it was a complete song.

Lucozade just released their 2020 theme song and I think its amazing and even more than just to be used for dance challenge.
Lucozade is a soft drink manufactured and marketed by the Japanese company Suntory. Created as “Glucozade” in the UK in 1927 by a Newcastle pharmacist, William Walker Hunter, it was acquired by the British pharmaceutical company Beecham’s in 1938 and sold as Lucozade, an energy drink for the sick.
Today, the company Lucozade started its dance challenge but the song Lucozade theme song 2020 is captivatingly inspiring.

Listened to Lucozade New theme song for the dance challenge?Who really sang this amazing theme song from Lucozade Nigeria.

Download Lucozade theme Song mp3 below

Download MP3 60sec

See past lucozade advert promo video below

Lucozade Energy gives you positive energy. Positive energy is about taking charge and looking forward. It’s an antidote to “meh” because Energy Beats Everything.

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