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Tekno Miles – Pana

Tekno Miles – Pana: Pana by Tekno Miles has forever remained on my daily playlist and I dont think it will ever stop making the list. There is one thing special about Tekno Miles – Pana which has kept it through the years on my hottest playlist.

Releasing single tracks over Full which Tekno Miles does really has a bigger advantage in that it’s well articulated than Album tracklist. I can confirm that Tekno Miles uses this secret weapon a lot and he doesn’t release full album like others do and the release of “Pana” cites a good example of the hits on his credit that took same methodology.

Starting from the rhythm which is the instrumental beat, I was to watch the making of the impressive beat instrumental for Tekno Miles “Pana” which was crafted by Krizzbeats on YouTube and I saw all the processes. Dude cooked something hotter than fire and it still reverberates through my mind the wonderful tutorial Krizbeats dropped for Pana.

It shows a beat that was properly crafted for Tekno with no rush. Krizbeat took out with a big focus on Tekno to create that massive hit track. Then Tekno on the other hand who is known to jump harder on hot tracks was called up to dress up the beat which later borne the hit track Pana you hear today.

Tekno “Pana”, is definitely one of the biggest songs released in 2016. Since the release date for Tekno’s Song Pana, it remained on top of charts through 2017. This proves the reason the song was nominated by Nigeria Entertainment Award for the best single of 2017.

Tekno Miles – Pana received so many cover from top stars including Yemi Alade version that has close to 4 million views on YouTube. If there is anything left to talk about this particular song Pana by Tekno its not far from the fact that the song became a continental hit song with the music Video that has surpassed the 100million mark on YouTube.

Take a look on the YouTube and get the proof for the hit track Pana and get also the reason why it has remained on my playlist.

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